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NHS Procurement: A Trust Perspective – Interview with Helen Lisle

27 July 2018

BiP Procurement for Health 2018


Our team met with Helen Lisle, Director of Procurement and Supplies at Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, after her Keynote Arena session at P4H 2018.

Find out more about Helen’s Keynote session “NHS Procurement: A Trust Perspective”.


What is the key message you would like people to take away from your speech?

The key message I would like people to take from my speech today is that we need to work together to make sure we give patients everything that they deserve.

Procurement departments need to work together, Trusts need to work together and the public sector must work hand in hand with the supply base as well.


What are the benefits of bringing buyers and suppliers together at events like P4H?

There are huge benefits of bringing buyers and suppliers together; firstly, you can get across a consistent message when everybody is together in the same room hearing the same thing.

P4H provides the opportunity to have conversations with both buyers and suppliers to understand the complexities at, say, the local level – what is working and what is not – so that debates can happen and partnerships can be formed.


How can events like P4H improve and develop the skills and knowledge of procurement personnel in the UK?  

P4H is a fabulous environment to learn more about procurement. I think it is important for staff to have the ability to get out and attend events.

There are so many opportunities, with lots going on, which makes it a massive networking opportunity.

We should never underestimate the benefit of staff coming together across the system and learning together because once we start hearing the questions coming back at the end of the session, the cogs start to turn in the brain. It makes you think: would that work in my department and could I take that back to my team?


Why do you think it’s important to attend events like P4H?

We are very busy: nobody is going to deny that. We can become very focused on what is happening just in our department, but if you don’t look outside how do you know you are doing the right thing and are moving in the right direction? It’s important to look outside and bring those benefits and learnings back into the organisation. Events like P4H allow organisations to understand the landscape, bringing everyone together.


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