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Keith Rowley will discuss NHS procurement at the P4H Keynote Arena

03 July 2018


Don’t miss Keith Rowley’s P4H keynote session! The Managing Director, NHS North of England Commercial Procurement Collaborative will be discussing “NHS Procurement: the untapped £21bn of non-pay spend” on 12 July 2018.

With just over one week to go, we have asked Keith about the work the NOE CPC does and type of projects they have been working on.


What is the main focus for NOE CPC?

NOE CPC works with NHS Trusts to harness their buying power and influence the market in order to put in place competitive framework agreements. Established in 2007, and wholly owned by the NHS, we have an established and award-winning track record delivering procurement services over the last decade. In addition to our core procurement service NOE CPC also provides training, events and bespoke procurement solutions.

Collaboration is central to what we do so working alongside our NHS procurement partners, local trust procurement teams, suppliers and the Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) is integral to what NOE CPC, and indeed all NHS procurement organisations, are working to achieve – better care and investment in frontline services.

I am incredibly proud that NOE CPC is a Category Tower Service Provider (CTSP) for Category Tower 11 – NHS Hotel Services as part of the new NHS Supply Chain.  This will build on NOE CPC’s core procurement capabilities as we continue to operate in support of the expenditure that is not within the scope of NHS Supply Chain. I am also very proud of our partnership working with three other NHS procurement hubs which led to the creation of the Collaborative Procurement Partnership (CPP LLP) which is awarded Category Towers 2, 4 and 5.

The procurement landscape is changing and we are excited to be a part of this, but appreciate the challenges it will invariably present.  It is great to be a part of this evolution and the opportunity to support the new NHS Supply Chain operating model and its objectives, whilst continuing to support our customers and suppliers in bringing procurement best practice outside of the NHS expenditure influenced by this new model.


Keith Rowley


What are the main challenges faced by companies when it comes to NHS procurement, in your opinion?

The procurement landscape has changed significantly over the last 18 months and Trusts and suppliers are trying to find the most effective way they can engage and operate within the new model. I think the challenge within the community is settling in the new model, understanding how the new landscape functions and their role within it. Although much has changed with the launch of the Category Towers model there is still £21Bn of NHS non-pay spend outside of the Towers that needs to be managed. I believe the challenge is for the community to respond to this, adapt to the new landscape and find ways to effectively address and manage that 80% of spend beyond the Category Towers.

Our remit across all NHS procurement remains the same – reduce unwarranted price variation, avoid duplication and make savings that can go back into the NHS. That is a constant and we are continuously evolving and developing to find better and more effective ways of achieving that. No one is in competition here, the goal is a shared objective.


Why is it important for the NOE CPC to attend P4H this year?

We have attended P4H since its launch, now in its 4th year, it has continued to be a hugely positive event for us to be involved in. P4H provides an opportunity for NOE CPC to engage with the community – NHS Trusts, suppliers, partner organisations and the wider NHS procurement landscape – and discuss opportunities and understand the challenges we all face and how it is impacting on each area of the community.

Since the launch of the new operating model earlier this year it is important to us to physically stand alongside our NHS procurement partners and colleagues and the DHSC showing the strength of NHS procurement and what we can collectively deliver and save the NHS. We want our customer base and suppliers to know we are here, we understand their requirements and we’re keen to work collaboratively to deliver solutions.

NOE CPC is essentially a conduit facilitating the engagement between our suppliers and Trusts, therefore managing that relationship and remaining at the forefront of NHS procurement is critical. P4H provides an excellent forum in which to do that.


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