Tendering in Healthcare Zone

You might have had some experience in healthcare bidding, however, just how much do you really understand about the process and what the healthcare buyer is looking for?

Do you find yourself spending a lot of time responding but not winning? Can you interpret a specification to find out exactly what the healthcare buyer is looking for?

With the procurement reform programme underway do you know what changes this will bring and how it will impact healthcare suppliers? Did you know that the public sector is moving towards life cycle costing and ensuring that the specification takes consideration of issues, other than just price?

The Tendering in Healthcare zone will help answer these questions. Brought to you by PASS (Procurement Advice and Support Service), the sessions will look at key issues that impact healthcare suppliers bidding for public sector contracts. 

Topics covered will include: 

  • Procurement Reform – What’s happening and What Does it Mean?
  • Addressing Social and Environmental Benefits in Your Tender
  • Procurement Reform – Greater Transparency for Bidders
  • Top Tips to Successful Tendering

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