7 July 2022

Health & Wellbeing Live Stage - Agenda

Agenda content and timings are subject to change

11.00 - 12.00

An engaging and upbeat keynote to show you how stress really works and how you can harness the power of your mind to approach stress in a new way. In this empowering keynote, you will:

  • find out why stress doesn’t have to be harmful
  • realise what really triggers stress at work and home
  • know how to spot stress in yourself and your colleagues
  • learn 3 actionable steps to turn stress into calm, clarity and success

Join Dorothy to discover how to experience less stress, better resilience and how to face challenges with calm, clarity and confidence.

Dorothy Martin

Health & Wellbeing Consultant

13.00 - 13.45

A follow up workshop to introduce the 5-step Stress Into Success framework, explain the insight- based learning and how this goes deeper than intellectual learning to make a lasting impact on your day to day experience of stress.

I explain the latest neuroscience behind stress – a game-changing revelation that will help you to take charge of your stress. You’ll learn a new way of navigating challenging situations with less stress, better resilience and more success.

It’s serious stuff – delivered with energy, humour, plenty of good conversation and some interactive experiments to bring the learning to life.

Dorothy Martin

Health & Wellbeing Consultant

14.00 - 14.45

What happens if you’re told not to think about a yellow elephant? You can’t stop thinking about it, right? The same happens with negative thoughts and you just can’t let them go. But what if you didn’t have to practise positive thinking – and could develop a more effective relationship with your thoughts instead?

The mind is a powerful instrument but we hardly ever ‘go inside’ to see what’s happening in there. In this session we go deeper to discover what is going on inside the mind and have a rummage around to expose habitual thought patterns that are hijacking your headspace.

Do YOU have the power to control your thoughts? You’ll find out!

Dorothy Martin

Health & Wellbeing Consultant