The new NHS Supply Chain Operating Model was implemented in July 2018 and is now aimed at delivering improved procurement and logistics support to the NHS.

The Procurement Transformation Programme delivering the NHS Supply Chain Operating Model is one of the highest-profile programmes in government. As part of the program, the new operating model will flex the tremendous buying power of the NHS, saving £615m annually – a major contribution to healthcare efficiency.

Currently only 40% of the NHS’s £5.7bn spend on everyday hospital consumables, common goods, high-value healthcare consumables and capital equipment goes through NHS Supply Chain. The NHS Supply Chain Operating Model will double this to 80%.

The NHS Supply Chain Pavilion

The pavilion will provide visitors with a unique opportunity to engage with key representatives from the programme, including personnel from the Procurement Category Towers and CaPA:

    • Ward Based Consumables, Infection Control and Wound Care
    • Sterile Intervention Equipment and Associated Consumables
    • Orthopaedics, Trauma & Spine and Ophthalmology
    • Rehabilitation, Disabled Services, Women’s Health and Associated Consumables
    • Large Diagnostic Capital Equipment including Mobile and Services
    • Diagnostic, Pathology & Therapy Technologies and Services
    • Office solutions
    • Hotel services
    • Food
    • Cardio-vascular, Radiology, Endoscopy, Audiology and Pain Management
    • Clinical and Product Assurance (CaPA) – find out more here 

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