Social Value & Sustainability Zone

Social value and sustainability are two hot topics that continue to be at the forefront of healthcare procurement processes.

The healthcare sector must lead by example in minimising their environmental footprint when buying, using and disposing of products, extending across the supply chain.

Social value can have a massive impact on health inequalities when properly incorporated into procurement. The COVID-19 pandemic highlighted how procurement can directly impact the wellbeing of communities, and the NHS as well as public authorities across the public procurement landscape are acutely aware of the essential role they play in ensuring businesses, jobs and livelihoods are protected.

Sessions in the Sustainability and Social Value Zone at P4H England will delve further into how buyers and suppliers alike can place sustainability and social value firmly at the heart of procurement.

Sessions are CPD certified and will include:

  • Delivering Health Sustainably – NHS Supply Chain Sustainability Strategy
  • Applying Sustainability to Procurement
  • Is Taking a Pragmatic Approach to Securing Sustainability Outcomes through Procurement the Best Way Forward?
  • Cut Costs and Create Cash Flow With the Secondary Software License Market

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