Supply Chain and Innovation Zone

Recent events have thrown up a series of challenges to public sector supply chains; forcing buyers to focus more on how to secure the products and services they need.

Nowhere is this more critical than in the NHS – where continuity of supply is vital to deliver treatments and interventions for patients. And as the NHS transitions from COVID-19 response to recovery, that demand is only going to increase.

Wrapped up within the challenge is a fantastic opportunity. An opportunity to leverage the lessons learnt from crisis response and apply them to the new environment. An opportunity to unleash creativity and innovation from across the supply chain – embracing digitisation, data science and other approaches. And an opportunity to re-think the relationship between all the stakeholders in service delivery, with the goal of delivering better and more sustainable services in future.  

This session gets under the skin of innovation and the role it has in strengthening supply chains.

Referencing some of the best submissions from the recent UK GO Excellence in Public Procurement Awards and with contributions from leading figures from within the NHS supply chain, it explores the art of the possible.

Topics covered include:

  • Supply chain risks and future opportunities
  • Unlocking innovation through data insights
  • The transformative effect of digitisation
  • Lateral thinking – how businesses have risen to the supply chain challenge
  • Market engagement – how to have the right conversation at the right time
  • Case study – NHS Innovation Accelerator 

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