Sustainable Procurement & Social Value


As governments across the world continue to respond to the ongoing climate emergency, and with COP26 taking place in the UK this November, procurement has perhaps never played a more important role in shaping the future of our public services.

Sustainable procurement seeks to minimise the environmental footprint when buying, using and disposing of products, and this is extended across the supply chain. There are numerous ways public sector can be more environmentally conscious, such as sourcing eco-friendly suppliers or consolidating orders to reduce CO2 emissions with fewer deliveries. Small changes can make a huge difference.

Delivering good quality public services within budget and offering added value is key to success procurement. Social value in the procurement process is crucial to public sector and is a keyway of helping improve local economic growth.

Social Value reflects an increased focus and ambition for a significant culture change across all public bodies, buyers and commissioning services to ensure that Social Value is not only adequately improved upon and considered in public procurement but is also incorporated as a requirement within the procurement process.

Join us for interactive sessions showcasing Sustainable Procurement and Social Value initiatives and best practice from across the UK’s public procurement community.

All sessions will take place live in venue only.